Monday, August 9, 2010

MALEskintone Default- Replacement MCV

This one is the default-replacement skintone, same textures as MCV-NR
if you need it...
Only for male, teen to elder
Package file

ALL works(meshes and textures) ARE NOT ALLOWED to be modified, cloned, 
recoloured or mixed/blended with drawing and photo source, 
and then upload them to internet for sharing purpose. 

The content(s) may NOT be reproduced without permission
Please link back your download to my blog


  1. Breathtakingly beautiful skin and i love your little poster adds. Great work. And he's right I was watching him (first sim in picture).

  2. I also like the poster you made.

    Thank you for making a default version of this skin so my male townies will automatically use this.

    Can you also create a female version too, default & non-default versions?

    Thank you very much!

  3. he can have my number. Thank you so much!! I love this skin already non-default. Yay Default.

  4. I know you're watching me now =__,=
    Yeah~~boy, because you're so sexy, you know XDD


    听到最喜欢的eyes on me~~真幸福撒

    正因为你eyes on me的深情呼唤,所以我们才watching you啊~~


  5. 我汗了我汗了,西瓜君和柠檬叶的空间正好同时开着,于是才发现那首eyes on me是来自柠檬君的空间。
    Don't mind, don't mind~

  6. Lol! ~ He can have mah numba if I can have his numba first. ;] Sorry, couldn't help it. Wonderful skin, funny poster, and awesome Sim. You made a wonderful skin. Thank you so much Subtaxi.

  7. Oh my. In Game these skins look divine. So I wanted to say THANK YOU. I don't think i said it last time. Your skin in now my default skin.

  8. Is it realistic or not?

    It looks beautiful!

  9. Its so good! but, i dont like it when things dont match, so im gonna wait till a female default. D:

  10. Do you think you'll have the model up for download? Very beautiful. :D

  11. Great great great ^^ I love it -> the skin xD

  12. I love your skin! OMGOSH! can you make a female default replacement skin too? ^^

  13. omg. it is so wonderful and so realistic. i hope you will make for female's default replacement skin next. cheers.

  14. this isnt working i think the downlode link is bad beaause i tested it and it says it has been changed. can anyonehelp i really want this skin and the femaile cersion to.

  15. The muscle definition doesn't work with that skin :(((

  16. Ops, wrong section.
    I downloaded this skin, but the non def version and the muscle definition doesn't work in that non def skin