Sunday, November 15, 2009

Apple lip-gloss

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sims3pack For female (teen to elder )


  1. I love the sheer bottom lip, and the shine is gorgeous. Thank you!

  2. The glossiest lipgloss I've seen so far. It's absolutely gorgeous. Thank you!!! :D

  3. I can't install any of your make up, any chance you will update them for the new game patches? They seem to be causing trouble with lots of downloads.

  4. This lip gloss doesn't seem to download in my game...

  5. what skin do you use for this model? it's really gorgeous :)

  6. This lipgloss doesn't work for me either. Everytime I open my sims it shows me to install the lipstick to the game, however when I do that it doesn't appear to the game but instead of appearing it shows me to install it everytime again when I open my sims menu next time.

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