Saturday, November 28, 2009

Chinese Costume & Lip Gloss

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sims3pack For male female ( T - E )

butterfly original by 3lian

Chinese costume download

Lip gloss download


  1. Would you share the model? oh I like her :)

  2. thank You for the lips gloss. You're my fav screator of make up :). Super! i <3 Your downloads.

  3. hands down you create the best makeup=]

  4. 看见英语我就晕

  5. Oh these looks lovely! Too bad neither the bulb, apple or the rabbit lipgloss wont install on my sism 3 launcher D:
    Anyone know why? These look so lovely!

  6. Hello,i was wondering were can i find your model, or did u made it? will you share her?

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  9. i couldn't install the bulb, apple, rabbit or this lipgloss too! I really want them! :( Do u know why is this happening?