Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Male Sim

No photoshop for the pictures

The content(s) may NOT be reproduced without permission
Please link back your download to my blog

Skin : DHV_O_NR
Eyebrows and eyes : you can find in my blog ...

s3p male sims (young)



  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing.

    I won't download it since I only want your gorgeous & pretty female sims (I hope you will also upload them too!) but this one still looks great & handsome! Good job on making him.

    Keep up the good work and have a nice day! ;D

  2. what hair is this?

  3. to tfukuyama :the hair is from peggy

  4. is there a link to this hair? xD

  5. to steven :here

  6. oh, thats the hair. it looks alot better without that top part that you cutt off lol, Thanks Though ;p

  7. Hey Subtaxi, do you think you could make the Sim in .package format because the Sim doesn't want to install at all along with the cherry lipstick. :( Do you think you can make them in .package format, please? It'd be much appreciated. :D

  8. Hi subaxi, is there any way to fix this sim when he aged?? cos when he aged from YA to A, there's something wrong with his face, especially mouth part.

  9. Hello, Subaxi! I'm new to your site and was wondering if you could by any chance upload your beautiful female sims? I want them in my game :3

  10. Where am I supposed to download both the eyes and eyebrows for this specific sim?

    I looked all over the website but I can't seem to be sure whether they were the correct ones.

    Can anyone please link them to me? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  11. hi Subaxi, are do using the awesomemode to create these beautiful sims? looks so nice!

    And plz let me know how to find the link! Thx