Friday, May 13, 2011


Prohibits all commercial activity with all my works, if someone see somebody who sell my works somewhere, please show and tell me, thank you.

This guy evotas, who sells my works and a lot of other creators works at TAO BAO, here is the adress, maybe you can find your works too!

I shared my works for free, she stolen my works for get money! How "smart and great" she is!

She probably use those money to support her Big Cosmetic Surgery, so we all the great and so kind creators to support her, ha? I can't belive I do beauty for the sims3 and also for some HUMAIN! No "Applauses" no "thank you" for me? That's NOT FAIR!

Here is her album at
She had already deleted all the photos, but there are somebody already saved some photo of her

All the information and image are from:

Please stop this stupid thing !!!



  1. Just realized u mean plastic surgery!!
    I thought u said she modified the sims that u guys have created back in the thread on GS...

    Anyway there's no sign that she's going to stop... wondering if her GS ID will be banned...

  2. To ❤长余❤ :整形手術就是真正的整形手術,很久很久以前曾經有她親自發過的一個帖子在GS ;P

  3. soga!!我以为捏娃来的...8过...哎...揭露了一个还有千千万在后面...囧的...TSR的各种收废品也被拿来卖...她去求物都有人帮助找的...有种好心被利用的感觉~


  4. Wow, that's horrible. I hate thieves. :(

  5. I hate those people who use other's efforts to gain her own pay, and especially we all creators are willing to share our own efforts for free! How dare could she? That's beyond the scope of my understanding!

  6. Lamentable! It's really sad. :/

  7. 这种人实在太烂了。 怎么办?

  8. That is despicable. I hope you're able to get it taken down.

  9. That is simply disgusting and despicable, that's what that is.
    Taking advantage of other people's works and efforts to gain money over them.

    How honest and humble is that person. I just hope who did this get what s/he deserves.
    For some unknown reason I can't access taobao domains, still shall we all report.

    This is not the first time I see something like this happening.. how someone can do that...

  10. wow,that is so terrible! how can she be stopped???? I clicked the link and the site is still up and charging for downloads,i cant read the writing but it looks that way.......what can be done about this?there must be some law to protect the artists,no?

  11. Oh my god! That is so terrible, I'm so sorry that your creations are being sold like that! I hope mines are not!

    What can we do to stop her?? That is horrible! I am so angry...

  12. Omg! She is so evil! It must be a way to stop her...>;(

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  14. p.s看來那個壞蛋@@做了好多壞事耶...