Tuesday, February 8, 2011

UPDATE : ASV-asia female skintone - non default replacement

This time, I want to use the big model to show the skintone, there is a program called belle toute nue, I found it is really a good TV show, original and beatiful.

Four colors in one package, if you can't find them please check your pc/mac/package/eyes.

And dark skin

it's a really  interesting thing, in some Asian countries like in Japan, China, korean, white skin is fashionable, more white, more beautiful, more cute... and in european countries like in France, Spain, Italy, brown skin is fashionable, means sexy, chic, rich? People always love and fascinate the things they don't have.

This skintone is Only for Female, no planning to make the male version now, not interesting in that, maybe I had already made too much male skintone for the game. So let's forget it.

Any of you who eat only black chocolat everyday?

Nice wheather today, I edit the package file, so now there are four points,

Please re Download , 中國 檸檬的和諧載點

ALL works(meshes and textures) ARE NOT ALLOWED to be modified, cloned, 
recoloured or mixed/blended with drawing and photo source, 
and then upload them to internet for sharing purpose. 

The content(s) may NOT be reproduced without permission
Please link back your download to my blog


  1. Really love this skin. You made a great choice using the big models for this skin and your pictures are great. Love the 3rd pic <3 Thank you!

  2. 謝謝subaxi~你做的都皮膚很棒!

  3. 抱抱西瓜姊~~~回法國了嗎

  4. 感谢Subaxi~这皮肤有大爱! 爱和支持!

  5. 感谢皮肤制作~

  6. wow..i love this skin!cool & so pretty...

  7. I can't wait to try it out. It looks very beautiful, like all your other work ♥

  8. the model is gorgeous, Subaxi! She's so pretty and sensual!
    Thank you for sharing these skins, I always use your skins for my sims ^-^
    And the eyebrows too, are the most realistic and elegant!
    L o v e

  9. I don't often eat black choco, but milk choco, yes. Anyway, nice skintone for females, thank you!

  10. subaxi~

    我有时吃黑暗的巧克力! 它是非常甜的!
    Subaxi不在msn很长时间! :(

  11. 第一张展示非常惊艳,犹如油画一样。第二张的姿势,以前上人体画课,模特很喜欢摆,看着好怀念。单眼皮很漂亮,很有特色,深色皮肤也很好效果。

  12. the skin looks really nice <3 so,
    does it work with late night? o.o

  13. To laaenqo :I think it works

  14. hi subaxi i wanna download the large blonde hair that you post here http://photo.blog.sina.com.cn/list/blogpic.php?pid=63e832e0g9be605e27491&bid=63e832e0010180z2&uid=1676161760

  15. Hello Subaxi :3 Thank you so much for making this! But I cannot download it. :S It says 'Error' in Mediafire. Also all of your other stuff. Thankf for reading and answering (if you do xD)