Friday, February 11, 2011

La vie en rose

This is my home...
not so big(3x3), but I like it <3

it has everything ^^

with a lot of green(could you find where is the house?)

La vie en rose!




  1. I have someting like that in my game since I'm not playing much)))

  2. You can ask your eye liner
    I have always liked your skin
    I was very happy
    Because, when you come back recently

  3. I'm so happy!
    because I wanted my blog like crazy! and did not grab me was almost a heart because I love everything you do. and saw that it came with more stuff. this post not because it is old man but if the baby clothes: D. In short I wanted to ask if I could download that sim, I fell in love with the smile you have: $. I send you a kiss and sorry for the bad English, I speak Spanish so... google traductor is my salvation ♥

  4. Oh that is so cute, so is the sim. He looks like a very happy go lucky chappie. So sweet. Love the smile. I am tempted to go build a small apartment now, but for some reason i love playing with 8 sims. So i have to keep building big apartments.