Monday, April 11, 2011

Skintone and Eyes

Eyes Default replacement

Female Skintone BSF non-default replacement

Pics without photoshop, effect in game
face (with makeup eyeliner&lipgloss)


Pic with photoshop (ps is the best!!!)

in Cas(file name : WM-BSF; one color, one point)
This is the first time I try to do a dark(not so dark...) version skintone, 
not so good at this, hope you like it :3
Emmm, feel hungry...need some food, 
but should sleep now, good night~
ALL works(meshes and textures) ARE NOT ALLOWED to be modified, cloned,
recoloured or mixed/blended with drawing and photo source,
and then upload them to internet for sharing purpose.
The content(s) may NOT be reproduced without permission
Please link back your download to my blog


  1. Love the skin, but I don't like the eyes enough to use them, sorry. Just not my style :)

  2. Could we possibly have the eyes as non-default? :)

  3. This looks really good like the sims 2 use to look. Lovely texutre, please please please do a a male version. I am addicted to your skins, but i love making male sims. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Gawd, I love those eyes! I might have to redo my defaults again! CURSES!!! :D

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  6. I love the skin ^^ it reminds me with sims 2 skin & I just realized that your model use several of my pose set :D Nice... ^.^.
    Btw what is the lipstick you use on the model?

  7. To Max,
    Your poses are <3!! Thank you
    The lipstick is

  8. I would love a default version of these!!
    Oh, and a male version! ♥
    I also have downloaded the eyes. : )

  9. Beautiful!
    It does remember of Sims 2 skins. Which is a +++
    And YAY for PS! ^^

  10. this is very beautiful skin! thank you so much!

  11. Hi there!
    I want to thank you for this beautiful skin :) I have use it a lot in my previews for clothing and many people ask me for this gorgeous skin, there was so much people that i must saved the direct link lol!
    Thank you and did you consider to make a lighter version? That will be great too :D


  12. hi! :D uhm i was can i use this skin in cas? i mean i've downloaded it but can't find it anywhere :(, it's a beautiful skin and i want to use it :)

  13. I love this skin, I saw it at Lemonleaf's blog, but it was only updated to the stupid rayfile, so happy I found this so I could download it using mediafire, the uploading site that makes sense!

  14. OMG! It`s! I love you and your creations! But for first time it is VERY good!

    an cute<3

  15. absolutely perfect! Love it!

  16. Hi Watermelon,

    I am in love with this skin and have been trying to get my hands on it for awhile. You see, I'm having some troubles downloading it for some odd reason. Here is what happens: I click on the download link, then I click on mediafire's download link and when the promt comes up asking me to open save or cancel. I open it and then the universal installer comes up and I click okay to extract. But then I get this message: C:\Users\Madison\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Low\Content.IE5\W1J9G909\WM-BSF-ND[1].package has an unknown extension and cannot be extracted. That's where it all ends. I initially tried using WinRAR but the normal promt that would say open said find instead. I thought the universalextractor would open anything. I tried not extracting it and just placed it in my package folder where all my other mods are but it doesn't seem to work seeing as it doesn't show up in the game. Please, if you or anyone else can help I would really appreciate it because I really want to see your skin in my game.

  17. Beautiful skin, thank you.

    @madi : Don't click open as it is a package file, not a zip or rar. Just save it to your hard drive and then put it in your downloads folder.

    Just a thought! Do you have the mod that allows you to see and use other skins in your game? If not then you will not be able to see this skin.

    Go to this link: I have the skin tone panel mod by CmarNYC o:

    go to;



    Please READ THE OVERVIEW FIRST before downloading.

    Hope this works for you.

  18. Why is the files private ?

  19. Indeed can't download this amazing skin :(.

  20. Hello i cant download the skin because the post is private and i havent got authorization!! how i can download this????? i looooooooooooove so much this skin! thx

  21. It would be fabulous if we were able to download this skin as it is sooo amazing! Hopefully the private status will be made public again soon :)

  22. Queria muito que disponibilizasse está pele..
    É realmente fantástica.

  23. Hey, i really love this skin :o) Are really great work but i have 1 problem: i cant make download :( The mediafire said than are private :( Hope after put public because have players than want get this skin and cant!

  24. Hey there! I'd really love to download the default eyes! I've even created a post on the WCIF? section at SimCave , hope you make your downloads available soon! Thanks!

  25. It says the file is private? Is there anyway you can post up a different download link or something please? =S I really like this skintone!

  26. Everything is set to private. :( I feel teased.

  27. Hope will be open again soon it looks awesome

  28. I can't wait for everything to be available again. I have quite a few things I want to download from you Watermelon! Thanks for making such great items, both you and Lemon leaf. :)

  29. The skin worked for me here!

  30. I can't download it! :( The file is private....