Sunday, April 10, 2011

Why 99% of custom poses don't work in my game??

I try all of the custom poses, but only 's 10 poses work in the game, the others don't work(tts's anim1 works one time)
I reinstall the game, but the problem still exist
Anybody know why is it? I missed sth or sth else?
Really need your help, please and thank you!


  1. Did you try to pose twice? This mod have a "bug" that you have to type the pose, cancel the interaction and after click on "use current pose"... the explanation of autor is that poses that are longer that 1 frame may have to be played twice to complete the pose.

    Hope this is useful,


  2. Sometimes you have to load it twice.
    Doing so, by typing the name of the pose, then select "Use Current Pose" on the pose player.
    That way it will be two interactions on your queue.

    Then just cancel the first one, and the pose will load. This trick always work for me.

    Also, thanks for your visit. : }

  3. just as aWT said...
    make sure there are 2 actions on the queue, and then cross out the first one
    so from the second pose on, you don't need to type in twice.

  4. Thank you thank you thank you! Your a life saver!! It works!!!

  5. hahaha Happy that you found the solution :B