Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hey!!! Pralinesims, can't you stop copy our creations?

Hey!!!  Pralinesims, can't you stop copy our creations?

LL has already e-mail TSR, tsr support please take care of  this, thank you.

Please go to LL's blog to see what does it mean.
04/09/2011 :


 Detail compare :

Upload date :  after one year, LL still give P the "inspiration" for her creations???

And what were you doing today with your page on TSR?
China time 23H49, nothing on her page.

 China time after 0H00, Ah ha, everthing there!

So we can know something from Pralinesims---Hide? Not hide? This is a question!

If you don't understand chinese please use the

Google Translate

or just watch the pictures that you can understand what does Pralinesims copy, stolen from the others!!

Pralinesims I know you weren't be shy about this because you just don't have the head and heart to respect the other person,
God Won't Bless person like this !!


  1. I dont care what you say i have never stolen creations of other creators,there is no reason do to that ,and i never downloaded things from other creators i only use my creations. If the lies wont stop i will contact my lawyer,i dont care if youre from china or from the rest of the world but i know its not fair to spread lies over the whole internet..I WILL NEVER STEAL OTHER CREATOR WORK AND I NEVER DONE THAT!! I DONT CARE WHAT YOU SAY AT ALL....because i know i HANDPAINT ALL MY STUFF BY MYSELF! i use this here you dont believe my thats you problen and not mine! it getting really annoying! she also has published MY textures!this is also like stealing! but nobody says she is doing something wrong! THIS IS NOT FAIR! She has to remove it,i will for sure contact my lawyer if she doesnt stop lying!

  2. I don't care what you said, stolen is stolen, yes this not fair to the other creators, and still,I’m not disappointedon you, you're just not worth it

  3. Yes you are right , i dont care what you say,too!so :D byeeee haha

  4. yes, go P, go to creat your really own CCs.

  5. If you are to blind to see the difference,its not my thats it i have better things to to now:)

  6. Ah yes yes, that's not your pb, that's the pb of the twins textures.

  7. It's official. is the place where copycats and rippers alike gather. This is the second case I've read today that has to do about TSR FA artists and stealing. x.x

  8. After I saw this I lost my consideration for Pralinesims. What she's doing is just lamentable...

  9. That's sad...I don't know the whole truth, but the textures you showed really look so alike. That's not possible to draw smth by hand and make it look so similar to other creator's works. It's a shame...

  10. From what I've seen, TSR doesn't like having their featured artists look bad... I expect they'll probably try covering this up, or ignore the accusations. But I gotta say, those textures look almost exactly the same. A little smudge and some lines is the only difference.

    I'm gonna go uninstall my CC that I have of Pralinesims now. >.>

  11. Ok, for a start, why is everyone getting so upset about a bunch of textures? And why is she even considering bringing a lawyer into Sims 3 matters? This is such a huge joke... I'd understand why people would be upset if she copied LL, because that's 'stealing', but really, how can you STEAL a file that's been put up on the internet for free? Claiming it has her own - that's a bit poor. But she did alter it. I use base images all the time and alter them, does that mean that I stole that photographer's work? NO! Because they put it up there for FREE! LOL
    Seriously, WM, I see where you're coming from. But this is the Sims 3. You didn't ask for money for your creations, neither did LL. Praline is asking for money for some of hers, yes. BUT she doesn't GET any of the money. T$R does. So really... she's just altering LL's textures because she likes to use them as base images. She's just a Sims 3 creator, not some prime time thief hahahaha. You should let it go, there are much more important things to worry about than people copying other people in respects to a computer game... ;)

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  13. Answer of Anoeska fomr TSR Staff:

    Whenever someone claims that a creation on TSR is stolen from another creator, it will be checked. This has also happened in this case. When comparing the textures of both creations with eachother, it is very clear that the textures are NOT the same. The accusation that Pralinesims has stolen textures from Lemonleaf is false. People who continue with claiming in these comments that the textures are stolen, will risk to be banned because of flaming.

  14. If the textures were used or altered, couldn't there be at least some respect of a credit? And if Praline did/didn't steal would she not truthfully admit? Would she also not compare textures to backup claims? If you handpainted alright, can't you at least pull up some past screenshots to show your progress? Since your Christian, i'm sure you know the commandments. You would also know the TOU for sims 3, right? In that respect, why exactly did you decide to be a pay creator for sims 3?

    Thank you and good day.

  15. Lol I totally agree with Shyne. I'm sorry Watermelon, Lemonleaf and praline but this is just utterly ridiculous. Your fighting over free textures that LL uploaded to the web knowing internet users will have full access to the DDS files.

    Ok first I fail to see what is so similar in the pictures, even if praline did 'steal' at least she made it look completely different to LL's texture.

    Secondly Your trying to handle this the wrong way, publicly embarassing someone on the internet like this is harsh and mean, why not send Praline a private message and sort this out by negotiating with her, I would understand if she ignored your messages but no, this is just wrong WM and LL. I think what you guys are doing is very imature.

    Next, if you guys are going to get this upset over free textures why ever did LL upload them in the first place? surely you know the risks of uploading stuff to the web? the way you have reacted has given me the impression that this is a total shock to you. 'stolen' material is everywhere on the internet, it's nothing to get mad about. If you've been using the internet long enough you should know that. So I would advise LL not to upload free stuff if it's going to make him(her?) this upset.

    Goodness me, it's just a game, pixels, it's just sims 3 praline didn't steal your life savings or something did she? But LMFAO!!! A LAWYER?? Come on, are your serious? that's the most idiotic thing i've ever heard Praline, are you like 5 years old? why would you get a lawyer over something stupid like this. I would think only people who have no life outside of sims 3 would react this way... are you lot one of those people?

    Praline it doesn't matter if your catholic or not, I am unfortunate enough to know plenty of catholic people who are track record liars, please do not use religion to shield yourself, it's both insulting and pathetic.

    WM the reason praline's content was removed for a while was because TSR was checking her stuff after getting emails about theft, so you can't really claim that as evidence.

    Praline is not a pay creator because she doesn't get the money btw.

    If Praline did take ll'S textures then yes she should have respect for LL's policy. If this is true, who cares, seriously who the F cares. If praline commited armed robbery then yes that would be something to post about, but stealing textures, childish!

    People are quick to follow the popular creator like sheep, you don't know the facts yet so have consideration for Praline in the meantime.

    LOL please this is just very, very silly, worry about other things in your REAL lives rather than irrelevant crap.

    (sorry for my writing, I lost my dyslexia glasses)

  16. o.o wow I didn't know that was long.

    Anyway just also wanted to add, I love your stuff Praline, WM and LL, please don't think I'm trying to hurt your feelings with my harsh words.

  17. LOL Here here! I feel sorry for Praline... publicly shamed like this. Sure, she did the wrong thing. Morally wrong thing, that is, not criminally wrong lol She should have asked for permission first... although I wonder... how many things have we all got in our games where a retexture was performed and Peggy or NewSea were never asked? But yes... this topic should be archived, poor Praline's been slandered enough lol

  18. Haha, how scary...banning from TSR! My life's ruined :-)
    But srsly, lawyer will be too much, I agree. Despite all the things, I guess we should understand LL and WM, cause we know how long it takes even to convert smth for TS3, no talking about handpainting.

  19. I strongly disagree with Crazed Simmer, you call them childish for getting upset over being robbed the credit for works that they really put their love and thought into, then recommend them to stop sharing their creation, such a constructive advice.

  20. No, that's not the point I am making. I called them childish because they are POSTING about stolen textures, heck I would definitely be a little upset if my stuff was stolen. If I was them I would private message Praline instead of publicly shaming her.

    No one should steal textures, but at the end of the day they are just image files for the sims 3 game, which realistically is not highway robbery. Please understand I am in no way trying to justify of condone the stealing of other people's work. It's just funny people would get into arguments over something like this in public over the internet. Now people are going to start hating on Praline, surely you would agree this act of public shaming over a few similar textures, that we still are not 100% sure is stolen or not, is childish. You may think Praline deserves to be hated on, but over an accusation no knows the full facts about? Think about it.

    Lol I sure hope you take some reading lessons, you need to read around the lines buddy. To quote directly I said 'So I would advise LL not to upload free stuff if it's going to make him(her?) this upset.' What this means is, if LL is going to be SO sensitive about the issue that it upsets them SO much then for their sake I would recommend them not to upload FREE stuff. It's not normal to get this upset over something so small on the internet, it's almost like LL has been a victim of a Cyber attack. I said that so LL could infer the message that they shouldn't get angry, Lol It's not literal it's metaphorical, It doesn't really mean LL should stop creating! Haha!!

    Therefore Nox you can cut the sarcasm.

    Again I think Shyne is right, do you guys realize how much stuff you have in your games that contain textures that have been taken from other creators without consent? You wouldn't see newsea or Peggy get this upset if someone re-textured their stuff. Maybe that's because they don't care, they are well known, they'll always be known even if people re-distribute their stuff. It's the same with LL, your very well known in the sims community, don't worry about stolen textures people will always notice you and your work because your stuff is always excellent.

    I hope I put up a balanced argument because I think both sides are in the wrong.

  21. Hi all! :D

    Lemonleaf said this: "And what were you doing today with your page on TSR?"

    1- Praline is always removing and re-uploading her upcoming creations. Why? I think she just like to change a lot the presentation images and that stuff.

    2- The first image is: Pralinesims -> Upcoming creations -> Lipstick.
    The third image is: Pralinesims -> DOWNLOADS (already published) -> Blush.
    The fourth image is: Pralinesims -> DOWNLOADS (already published) -> Lipstick.

    So -> "So we can know something from Pralinesims---Hide? Not hide? This is a question!"

    Praline didn't do anything strange with her two blushes and her two lipsticks. So you're wrong with that.


    "If you don't understand chinese please use the Google Translate"

    The Google Translator is a shit and I'm sure that what it translates has nothing to do with what you write in Chinese. Because I always translate your pages , and they say very very very strange meaningless things ... :/

    So, what the hell costs you write in English? (Although I'm Spanish) -.-'


    I've always noticed that Praline made creations ​​very similar to those of Lemonleaf and Watermelon. And what?

    I don't care if the textures are "stolen" as you say or whatever. If I like a creation , I'll download it and go.

    I totally agree with Shyne too.

    "God Won't Bless person like this !!"

    Ohh God won't bless Praline for having applied a filter to an image drawn by Lemonleaf!!! Poor Praline!!! XD

    God , this is just a game. We should enjoy all the creations instead of fighting to know if someone edited a certain image or not ._.

    What you have to do is stop wasting time with nonsense of these and answer the comments that the people make in your blog. You should be happy to have that status. There are many people who would like to have it and you don't take advantage. Praline at least answer to the comments the people make in her creations. You not. Let's see if now you gonna blame Praline that she is more popular than you. Há.

    ANSWER! -.-'

  22. you probably know this by now people only here to download stuff then buzz off, they don't really care how much effort you put on it. they think it just a game just a pixel because it's not their stuff . so why should they care really?
    if they like, cool they keep it if they don't they will just keep complaining likes you're just a worthless crap.

    now TSR gonna pretend like this's just a big misunderstanding and everyone love each others so much (since this is bad for business)

    i am glad that Tifa stop sharing her stuff freely only the invite get access and perhapes you should do the same.

  23. TSR will just cover it up, as usual. So don't expect much to come of this. I'm just suggesting this to you, but consider strongly on what the other commenter has said. If, for any reason, any of you are against that sort of thing, then disavow it.

    Though, I find it personally hilarious that Praline accused you of stealing from her. Like pulling everything out of her arse (including her PERSONAL LAWYER bit. Made me chuckle heartily) to expel guilt and doubt in cheap ways to her followers. She honestly could have made this civil, and you could have as well. The proof, although proof it is in anycase, is still unevident to untrained eyes.

    To those who just say it's pixels and this is all bullshit 12-year-old bickering, not all creators are alike. Some don't mind their content being altered, others do. In this case, LL and WM don;t care for it, and want it stopped. USUALLY (and as a creator), LL and WM should have made their TOU a little bit clearer to stop this sort of thing. Other than that, creators can be attached to their pixels, too (as i am to mine).

  24. I think it's such a shame that Praline has been uncovered as doing this. I did think it was strange that her style of creating suddenly went from 'middling' quality to 'awesome' overnight though.

  25. It's not about childishness.

    And, as much as I admire your talent, Shyne, your behavior in this is ridiculous. Accusing people of slander? Seriously? Do you actually know what slander means?

    This is about the truth, and about a website making money off of stolen artwork. It's also about an innocent woman (LemonLeaf) being attacked and lied about when her only crime is not appreciating her work being stolen and claimed as someone else's.

    T$R will of course long as we just sit back, do nothing, or like Shyne attack people who just want the truth to come out.

    Nobody is "slandering" Praline, Shyne. People have presented ample evidence. Praline has provided nothing except to shout about how she's a Catholic. T$R is helping her lies by banning anyone who speaks up and deleting all presentations of the evidence. How convenient of them.

  26. I can't believe people are DEFENDING praline.
    That is a picture of one of praline's first cc.
    That's a picture of LEMONLEAF'S first cc.
    You see? Praline never got good until she started STEALING LL's creations. Praline, you sound stupid defending yourself. We all know you did it, so the only sensible thing to do now is to remove all the cc you made by copying LL and start making your OWN stuff.
    Thomas from T$R needs to grow up. Aren't you a little old for all these childish games of stealing and hacking?

  27. "i am glad that Tifa stop sharing her stuff freely only the invite get access and perhapes you should do the same."

    Please don't do that.

    That's not the solution. It certainly won't stop TSR from stealing people's work. It only makes it harder for honest people to find your stuff and turns everything into a clique situation where you have to kiss everyone's backside in order to get anything.

    The solution isn't hiding or forgetting about it. The solution is fighting.

  28. LL and WM I just want you to know that you have thousands of fans who love your work that you generously share. I know that it seems that there is a bit of negativity right now but I want you to remember that this is a minority and the majority of us Sim fans love your work and support you and are so grateful to have your beautiful items in our games. :)

  29. I'm not attacking anyone O.o I didn't say they were being childish... I didn't say they were doing the wrong thing. But they are slandering, I know what it means. They're publicly showcasing her behaviour. Sure, it's the truth and she should never have done it, I just don't think she deserves to be humiliated like this in public. I have nothing against them at all, I love their creations and they are amazing artists and far exceed my talent, but I do feel sorry for Praline, because I know what it feels like to be slandered. I am sorry if anyone took offense to what I said.

  30. slan·der
    defamation; calumny: rumors full of slander.
    a malicious, false, and defamatory statement or report: a slander against his good name.
    Law. defamation by oral utterance rather than by writing, pictures, etc.

    In order to slander someone, you have to be lying about them. Neither LemonLeaf nor Watermelon are lying. Therefore it is not slander. To accuse them of lying (by accusing them of slander) you ARE attacking them.

    Praline deserves public humiliation because not only did she steal, she lied about stealing and then accused LEMONLEAF of stealing from HER. She then threatened legal action. This is behavior that deserves public humiliation or else it's just going to continue if people think they're just going to get away with it.

  31. Ah I see. Sorry. They're not lying. She did manipulate LL's base textures. But I still don't agree anyone should be publicly humiliated. But it doesn't really matter, it's been done already lol

  32. Shyne, I understand what you mean, but Praline's reaction does not help matters much. She's sort of doing most of the humiliation herself with her reaction, especially when, after saying LL is lying to get attention, she turns around to suddenly accuse LL of stealing from her.

    I really don't think there'd be such a commotion if Praline wasn't selling some of those same creations through TSR, really.

    Funnily enough, I was so-so on it all until I read Praline's comments and blog. Now I totally believe LL. I hope LL doesn't turn inward. We keep losing a lot of nice creators to drama like this, and she's one of my favorites out there. I wish I could comment on her journal like I can here. WM's a saint for this, in a way, because maybe LL will see these words.

  33. Thanks for the apologies, though I still disagree that she shouldn't be publicly humiliated.

    Perhaps if more people were called on their behavior, the behavior might at least lessen, even if it doesn't stop completely. Hopefully people would at least think twice about stealing if they knew they'd get outed very publicly if caught.

    As Tanyuu said, this is all something she brought on herself. Not only did she steal LL's stuff, she then claimed it was originally *hers* and that LL stole from *her*. When someone lies to cover up their dishonest behavior, they're just begging to be taken to task rather publicly.

    Praline thought nothing of trying to publicly accuse LL of stealing from her. I see no reason why she can't get a taste of her own medicine. Karma's a bitch, after all.

    (Not sure why Google is jumping back and forth between my Kyrie and Laurelai SL names, but...whatever, it's still me.)

  34. Shyne I'm sorry to say this,but wait until someone steals and alters your textures and claims them as their own and post them up to a pay site like tsr than we shall see if you sing a different tune whether she shouldn't be public publicly humiliated !!!

    What she did was wrong and immoral she stole Lemon L textures altered them a little claimed them as her own creations. She then had the audacity to post them to tsr and have them pay none the less.

    She deserves to be publicly humiliated she brought this on herself. What is Lemon Leaf supposed to do sit back and do nothing just say oh its ok...


    This just keeps getting better.

    First theft, then lying, then covering up the theft and lying, and now racism.

    Is there any further Praline and her cronies can sink?

  36. As I read the whole thing, LL did contact TSR by pm telling them the situation. It didn't get bad until Pralinesims and Thomas's denied the accusation, then accused LL of stealing from Pralinesims. This was done publicly on TSR. LL was also accused being an attention whore.

    LL has a right to defend herself and she did on her own site. Never did LL go to TSR (as as I know) to keep it going. Pralinesims has posted at her site, TSR, now here taunting and threatening. What is an attention whore again?

    Personally I have never heard of Pralinesims before LL, Watermelon/Subaxi. I liked Pralinesims's lots but the makeup is not to my liking, doesn't work well on dark skinned Sims. Now reading the remarks about Asians from Pralinesims, I know what she would think about my dark skinned behind.

    I support and will always love the work LL and Watermelon has shared with the community, they have made making Sims a pure joy for me. I really hope they don't go away from the community because of the ramblings of Thomass and how cronies. They don't have the monopoly on sim game CC as they may think.

  37. "Shyne I'm sorry to say this,but wait until someone steals and alters your textures and claims them as their own and post them up to a pay site like tsr than we shall see if you sing a different tune whether she shouldn't be public publicly humiliated !!!"

    I still wouldn't publicly humiliate them... besides, my textures aren't good enough to steal and alter lmfao

    "Shyne, I understand what you mean, but Praline's reaction does not help matters much. She's sort of doing most of the humiliation herself with her reaction, especially when, after saying LL is lying to get attention, she turns around to suddenly accuse LL of stealing from her."

    I DO agree with this... she should have just ignored it. I would have.

  38. khemm.
    i'm going to talk about these pics
    can't you see that these are ABSOLUTELY different categories? upcoming items and already released. so praline didn't hide. she just didn't have any upcoming items.
    then. do you really think that offending each other, my sweeties, will lead you to the road of solving the problem, uh?
    next. you both write about this accident in blogs sites etc... why? do you really need others to talk about it? couldn't you just solve it by PM?
    I'm not going to be "team LL" or "team Praline", but sweeties, it looks very sad by side. very very sad, 'cause you both say "I'm right", but you and other people can't judge fairly.
    what do you want to achieve? as I know, praline is standing by her position, and LL by his/her. now what, sweeties?

  39. Copycat is copycat..don't pretend you are innocent ,it just show you are ignorant and barbarian.You said nobody says the one stole your work is doing something wrong and it doesn't mean that it is right to do stole others work.If you are really innocent, you must be a idiot to scold or threat by calling your lawyer but not explaining.

  40. "Sweeties"? Seriously? You're going to put that patronizing tone out there, XTina?

  41. ""Sweeties"? Seriously? You're going to put that patronizing tone out there, XTina? "

    I think it has to do with where she is from... I think it's part of her culture lol

  42. I understand where Shyne is saying, but I don't agree, first of all, Shyne your textures are beautiful so don't ever say there not good enough to steal, because guess what, they are... and if it happened to you, trust me, you would be extremely angry because you put alot of time and effort into your work, and it's showing.... Lemonleaf is a goddess of sims 3 CC, she makes her textures that way so she can recognize when it's been stolen, having said that, I personally hate TSR, I don't support there creations, and the only things I download from them are pirated...Lemonleaf offers her creations to the community for FREE...and she does an amazing job...Praline cc was good, and then all of a sudden it became amazing can she be justified in her actions???? She needs to be flamed and driven from the Sims 3 CC community....period

  43. "Kyrie MacIntyre said...

    "i am glad that Tifa stop sharing her stuff freely only the invite get access and perhapes you should do the same."

    Please don't do that.

    That's not the solution. It certainly won't stop TSR from stealing people's work. It only makes it harder for honest people to find your stuff and turns everything into a clique situation where you have to kiss everyone's backside in order to get anything.

    The solution isn't hiding or forgetting about it. The solution is fighting."

    I agree with this! It would sadden many of your fans.

  44. praline is such a dumbass

  45. This Praline is an idiot. I'm a content creator from Second-Life and we have issues of copy-botting and thievery very similar to this situation here. The artwork is very, very(to the point of identical)and the fact that Praline "hid" that page after exposure is a full-tale sign that they are indeed plagiarizing the original creator's artwork.

    Not to mention this Praline had the audacity of calling herself "suing" lemonleaf. Comparing both work lemonleaf's is much more clean-cut while praline is more of a swollen demeanor with tiny modifications sprinkled in. Literally paper-traced, patch job.

    This type of thief is highly looked down upon in Second-Life, and we have MANY foreign/Asian creators along with American creators who would not tolerate this type of behavior and will issue DMCA take-downs and possible further steps taken if needed. However, due to the nature of these mods being under EA it is a different policy from ours, but I do hope lame-brains like these would stop stealing ideas from others so easily and that the Sims3 Community would shun this type of behavior.

    A shame an outsider can see what really belongs to who other than a raging blog in denial. Also shouting religion at others does not blind the truth that there are thieves from every walk of life, even religious ones.

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. Do not leech off of others. I have looked at TSR and see that it requires a "subscription" for downloads.

    So now people are paying a site literally for others to bum off of creators and get cash for it.


    I have never supported content theft in Second-Life or Deviant-Art, and I certainly will not support it in the Sims3. Copybotting is not a "small time" practice anymore. It can lead to serious trouble, especially if the other person is receiving finances from stolen digital goods!

    Those who are caught(and proven)stealing off others should have their accounts terminated from the website. I read more and it seems TSR has a history of skeletons in its closets.

  48. I'm so sorry this happened to you Lemonleaf and Watermelon. Your creations are the best I've seen in my years of Sims custom content. Praline's stuff isn't near as good as yours so don't even worry about her in the first place.

    Please unlock your stuff, not everyone jocks other peoples' stuff.

  49. Wow... i never have guessed that Praline's makeups are (very) similar to Lemonleaf.I'm a newbie to Sims 3 CCs, so i usually browse and download stuff from TSR. Always thought Pralinesims makeup was amazing. Now that i know this happened, i feel bad for Lemonleaf.

    lost a bit of respect to Pralinesims and TSR though...oh well..

  50. I am going to log onto TSR and go on PRALINESIMS's creations and comment on all if not most their items and tell others to visit this page!

  51. I got to know about LL before Praline. LL & WM skins, lipstick and others were the best. I only noticed Praline because of her nice lots but not makeup. (Did not even knew she did makeup ;O)Curiously, i check Praline's profile,under genetics,lipstick, and it was not amazing. Then out of nowhere in TSR's featured area, were some new lipgloss with good shine and i thought it was LL, then i checked it.. it was Praline -,- Shocked.

    I bet everyone is, for those who download LL & WM works usually.


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  53. Hi, LL designs things for S-Club now and Pralinesims designs for herself. There is no way she could copy anymore because her designs are now published before LL's. There is a reason why Pralinesims posts her things after "China time", she is in an other time zone. She lives in Germany, not China, so maybe you should think twice before posting lies on your blog.
    By the way, I know pralinesims and she would never steal anything from LL, even if LL stole from Praline, she would keep quiet and just do her own thing.

    1. If you didn't notice, almost every single piece of content and mod is made by LL in s-club. Also, LL has her/his blog on .
      LL's content was published around two years before Praline's popped up. Unless you're telling me that LL has a time machine, then, sure! This actually isn't the first incident where Praline has been caught red-handed / uploaded extremely similar content to other creators.
      The fact that Thomas deleted negative comments is a little suspicious, don't you think? And the case has already been solved. Praline was called out to publicly apologize to LL. She was then taken of as a FA, then put back on a week later. Also, her apology was pretty much forced shit.
      It's how T$R rolls. Take money, roll in money then laugh at all the poor people who give them their credit card details.

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