Monday, September 5, 2011

Imitation of my work is the fact that Please stop distorting the truth-----Lemonleaf

This is the address of the original everybody!

Detailed analysis :(Sorry, I'm not very good at English)
PS:“I have never stolen other creators creations or their textures! I HANDPAINT ALL MY MAKE UP with this here:”

What is good to show off? I use wacom drawing board for six years, the use of a wacom plagiarism can prove that you did not it? ! Too ignorant.
This is what I bought last year, the fourth generation.
PS:“And she/or he still claims that im stealing her textures!! What a shame! I AM NOT STEALING!! I EVEN DONT LIKE HER STUFF! I HAVE NEVER DOWNLAODED A THING FROM HER OR OPENED HER FILES! BUT SHE DID!! SHE PUBLSIHED SOME OF MY TEXTURES! This is stealing! She spreads all these lies over the whole internet and i can´t believe it ,everybody believes HER/HIM.”

First of all, I want to say, I see  your naked malicious imitation and plagiarism, I very hate. I do not rare you like me, Oh, people Appreciate me are numerous.
Turned out to be so like the look the same, it is amazing! One may be coincidence, but
many also happened to it?

Although your ridiculous claim "absolute hand-painted," but the things and others are very similar.Do not deceive us.

PS:“ i work so much on my make up (sometimes for hours till they look perfect enough for me) ”


WOW~~~!Amazing, the speed of your production is amazing, of course, you do not have to spend a lot of time to think and design, design of direct imitation of others

PS:“she says really bad and rude things about us she talks about us like we are the worst persons on this earth!”

Small to distort the truth, I suspect you only for the work

PS:we don't know what to do...No one believes us now..”

Because we all believe the truth, we believe the fact that you lie full of mistakes, of course, do not believe you.

  PS: (she even compared two very different lipglosses she want to "show" you what i have stolen from her but it cant be! this is very different!!)
WOW~!!!Really very different ah? ! When we are a fool or blind?


You lie or no lie, we all know, less to find the reasons. I also Buddhism people , never innocent people

PS:Anyway... if she doesn't remove my textures from her site (everybody can steal them now) i will contact my personal lawyer.

SIMS novice or do you mentally? No lawyer would even take that case because EA owns the game. Do not threaten me! if I may, I will sue you first infringement!

PS:Its been wonderful two years now! We hope you still enjoy our creations!We love to share them with the whole sims community!

If you stop imitation and plagiarism other people work, one may forgive you, this is my last wish to say。


  1. I believed you guys in the first place. It's VERY obvious to me that she used your texture for her lips. She just altered it. It's stupid that she lied about it... But what are you hoping posting all this is going to achieve? I'm just curious.

  2. I think they just want to vent their anger over their stolen stuff being posted on a PAY site, Shyne, nothing can be achieve here, they just want to be listened and they have the right to it. If Pralinesims admited what she had done, everything would have been easier and passed away, but ridiculously, she didn't, she even wants to use a lawyer against LL and WM.Of course, TSR have to defend their FA too, they already had a bad reputation, now it just becomes worse.

  3. Yeah, we all know it's just a game and these are just tiny pixels, but seriously, many creators spent much time, thought and love to make these tiny clutters or lipgloss for us addicted simmers to put into our game. They did it with all their passion and devotion and what do they ask us back? Nothing beside our appreciation for their work.
    The acknowledgement for their contribution and their identities is what Pralinesims stole from them. We don't talk about what is crimminally or morally wrong here. I think these belong to common sense, it's obviously unfair to the original creator if they upload their creation for free just for others to claim them as their own.
    What WM and LL do is to publicly embarassing another simming-thief, not a real person, that totally suit the gaming spirit. These are not supposed to be ignored by a private message, if all the CC are put up for us to download, why a complaint about being stolen have to be burried in anger and acceptance?

  4. I definitely don't want us to lose another talented creator like Lemon Leaf. I often download things off her site and want to say thanks for all of them. What happen if pay creators like Pralinesims feel it too convenient to steal free creation and dub their names on it while our free creators are offended then withdraw to their closed blogs or decide that's enough and convert to pay artist.

  5. Coconut took it upon herself to write about this, also with some disgusting added info:

    Stay strong, guys.

  6. "SIMS novice or do you mentally? No lawyer would even take that case because EA owns the game. Do not threaten me! if I may, I will sue you first infringement!"

    That don't threaten you? You sounded so pathetic saying that ... :(
    That are you going to sue the first infringement? Hahahahaha! Before that she sues you , asshole.

    Really you bear sooo sad ... :(

    These things must be solved in real life fighting. Leave us alone with your fucking problems -.-'

  7. ^how could Pralinesims even sue LL? There is absolutely no proof from their side, just accusations and ridiculous arguments like 'we are catholic so we don't lie!'.
    It's pretty obvious who's the liar in this case.

  8. Shyne- you asked if there was something to be gained by this, and I think, again, it's due to the reaction by Praline and TSR, and the fact that TSR is a paysite.

    It may be just pixels, but someone is selling those pixels for monetary gain. It'd be as if someone took a piece of someone's artwork on the web, filtered it a bit so it looked different, then sold it as their own.

    I'm sure it'd be a different matter if Praline reacted differently and came clean, or if this was about a free site.

  9. just look at the posting date of lemond products and pralinesims , clearly parline copy lemond, he always post first his creations then later appears pralinesims with something familiar, is very ovious who is the cheater here

  10. Shyne, why do you keep doing this? I'm sure what people expect to gain is something called "word of mouth". The more people know about TSR's for monetary gain, maybe the less people will be willing to provide them that monetary gain.

    That and, as others have said, they just want to be heard. What's wrong with that?

    What is to gain by trying to get people to stop talking about it? What do you gain by trying to shut them up?

  11. I mean, the more people know about what TSR does for monetary gain...sorry. My fingers ran away with me there.

  12. Oh yes I totally agree with that, Unknown. I just wanted to know what they were trying to gain by publicly humiliating someone. It was pure curiosity - I wanted their opinion on the matter. But really, it doesn't matter does it? Everyone else has explained for me so I understand now.

  13. The Sims Resource is known for this kind of stuff, it happens over and over again. They will deny, deny and deny, and if that don't work, then they start doing some really crummy things to the sites that complain. Don't be surprised if they try and get your site taken down with claims of "stealing their content" to your I.P., seen that many times in the past. Keep the pressure on TSR, I love your work by the way!

  14. Pralinesims blush is so much better, rosy, than the orange one from lemonleaf.