Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What I want to say about this.

Hello, everyone,
I'm WM. I want to say :
For me---to make the makeup, for example,  eyebrows(the Cc that I love much more to make than the others CCS--there is sb don't understand so added CCs)

1. For men or women or children.
2. What the style of these eyebrows, morden, classique, cute, etc...
3. Dark or light? (very imporatnt, different color, different effect)
4. Beginning drawing it with my Wacom, bamboo fun 99euros in FNAC(you know I'm not so rich like LL, haha)
5.Draw, modify the base texture with photoshop about 20-30 or more times, until I think the looks good.
6. Use CTU or TSRW to make the texture became a package file and then put it in game to see the result Yes or No.
(Never win make the Good Ccs for only one time, but more more more than 50 times)
7. Re-draw, modify the things not so good that in my mind.
8. Finish Ccs.
9. Share them with all the people who love Sims.
Yes, it's not Soo easy to make Ccs, every Ccs that I made with a lot of my time and heart. Like I bring up my children, you could understand?
And someday, there is another person who take away my children and say they are not mine and sell them, and also want to find a lawyer to punish me, who could give me a good reason to expliquer?
We are really angry this time with this thing, it will be never finished we know, but we can't hold it anymore, so we do that, to warning the people,  
Please respect the other, then the other will respect you too!


  1. "Cc that I love much more to make than the others." ????
    C'est quoi ce bordel? Pour qui te prends-tu? Pour le plus grand créateur de la communauté Sims, meilleur que personne d'autre? WOW - Ton arrogance n'a pas de limite!? Penses-tu vraiment que personne d'autre ne fait son travail avec amour quand il crée un sims CC, juste parce que tu as rencontré un ou deux copieurs? Comment oses-tu! Certaines personnes mettent un mois ou plus pour faire un mesh complexe (pour les sims), et ils y mettent du cœur à l'ouvrage; de plus, ils font bien leur travail eux, tandis que le tiens et bourré de défauts (il manque des fichiers importants, même tes contactes créent des lignes derrière les oreilles.) Et tu dis :" J'adore créer des CC plus que personne d'autre." Tes paroles me dégoûtent! Toi, Lemonleaf et cet idiot de pralinesims agissez comme des putains de minots de 6 ans dans leur cour de récré en train de vous disputez pour un putain de jeu! Et WM, sais-tu à quoi tu ressembles? "Hey regardez moi, je suis le meilleur ami de la fille la plus populaire!" Voilà à quoi tu ressembles. Tout le temps en train de te flagorner avec lemonleaf. Tu prouves juste que tu préfères être adulée plus que de créer pour les sims.... Oses-tu encore dire que tu mets plus d'amour dans tes créations que personne d'autre, espèce de salope égocentrique...

  2. @ Kaname: Je crois que tu as mal compris ce que WM a dit: Elle (il? pardon, je n'en sais rien!) a dit que ce qu'elle préférait créer, ce sont les sourcils... Littéralement: "Les CC que j'aime plus créer que les autres CC (pas les autres créateurs)." Ce n'est vraiment pas la peine d'être aussi insultant...

  3. Hey thank you Sabrina for your explication, Kaname...you should read more and try to understand more with your english and brain.

  4. Subaxi stay strong don't let the arrogant individuals get to you. Keep doing what you do best and what makes you happy!

    @Kaname Vous Subaxi insultant est enfantin vous jetez des insultes comme un enfant de 12 ans. Lisez les faits avant que vous jetiez des insultes.

  5. http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims3-makeup-eyeshadow/title/smoky-winged-eyeshadow/id/1097527/

    Looks like Praline copied LL, yet again. :(

  6. Kaname révise ton anglais, elle parlait des sourcils, éléments qu'elle préfère faire ! Tu t'es rendu franchement ridicule à l'insulter comme ça, là c'est toi qui a une réaction de gamine.

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  8. No worries WM

    I totally believe that she has been stolen you and LL's creations.

    It looks the same in many ways.

    If she really wanna contect a lawyer then she won't come to your blog and bark like an animal.

    The reason that she does these is just beacuse she is worried and known who is the criminal one.

    I will always on you guys side. WM and LL

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  10. Kaname calm down i think you are really misunderstanding.

    I don't know any of you and i did not try to protect WM or LL i posting this because i hate thief(s?).

    First WM english isn't that good (and so do i lol )which mean it can be very confusing when you read.what i understand she just tried to explain how hard to make things because people think it just a pixel
    (she didn't say she better than anyone read carefully).

    Second this isn't the first time she protect LL
    WM haven't update anything for ages now she co with LL it seem i don't think she does just to get attention.they are friends forgot sake aren't you going to do the same if this happen to your friends?

    and kaname i have been reading some of you comments and i think you're nice person.

    anyway the thief will live and i don't think you can do much about it.

  11. 愛と平和!"http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims3-makeup-eyeshadow/title/smoky-winged-eyeshadow/id/1097527/

    Looks like Praline copied LL, yet again. :("

    Go do the ridiculous to other side , firecracker -.-'

  12. I tried to make some CC, I don´t just only imagine what kind of work it is, I know it, xD.
    I really love the skins, contacts and eyebrows you make, it´s just amazing work. Thank you for being here in this Sims Community, post this stuff for free and try as much as possible to write in english, together with LemonLeaf.xD
    I love all of your stuff.

    @OXXO Maybe you just don´t notice what they have done together in the last time. There´s a set with sexy swimclothing for your sims that WM and LL made together. This one: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_63e832e001016v7o.html
    You can´t say anything you can´t attest.
    It´s a really great set, by the way.

    It´s the lowest level of all to steal other creations (and I believe that PS is doing that) and SELL them without giving any credit or even ask if she can use your creations.
    Just awkward.

  13. Juli@sWorldz

    what the heck are you talking about? i did said she co with LL did i? meaning i know they cooperate of course. i hope this clear.

  14. Please, WM, don't lock all your awesome creations like this. We, honest and loyal simmer always stand by your side. We love your works and many sim creators link make-ups to your blog, but since this scandal, I can't download any of your files because they are all set to private. Don't close your blog on us like this. Pretty please...